Tracking Test

This certification is designed to show that the canine is capable of tracking an unknown person in an unfamiliar area. The certification is meant to be similar to real life working conditions that a team would encounter. This certification is a test of the canine and handler’s ability to work as a team and the handler’s ability to read their canine.


Handlers may use tracking lines and harnesses, leather collars, and or training collars while tracking. Handlers will not use spiked collars, whistles or e-collars while tracking.

Suspect/Track Layer

When possible the suspect (also known as the track layer) will be unknown to the testing team. The track layer will receive instructions from the Master Trainer on the details of the track. The track layer will not change the instructions, given by the Master Trainer, during the track. Before the track is ran by the testing team, they will be informed by the Master Trainer, if the track layer or an article will be at the end of the track.


When the track is being laid, the testing team will not be in the area. The Master Trainer will notify the testing team when the track is ready and where the general area for the start of the track is located. The track will be a minimum of 300 yards long and a minimum of twenty (20) minutes old. The track will have at least three (3) turns and one (1) scented article along the track. The track must have at least one (1) change of vegetation (grass, cement, blacktop, forest, etc.). There must be one (1) cross track laid by a second track layer, within ten (10) minutes of the beginning of the track to show the teams ability to track their suspect and read a cross track. The cross track will not be laid near any turns or during a change in vegetation. It is the Master Trainersdiscretion if the track needs to be run at a different time due to climate or age of the track or other circumstances deemed important to the Master Trainer.

All certifications are either pass or failThe Master Trainer will have the final say if the team will be certified at the end of the testing track.

Any urinating/defecating in training or testing area and/or around a “hide” is immediate grounds for failure!

The Tracking certification will remain in effect for two years as long as a good standing member of NAPCH and the Team remains intact.