President’s Message

Spring 2021

Hello to my fellow NAPCH members I hope you, your families and K9 partners are doing well!

Our thoughts and continued prayers go out for NAPCH member Jason Lagore’s family for his recent lost of life while on duty attempting to save another life.

Your Executive Board met on 3/14 to discuss many issues upcoming with you the Membership. It was good to see Master Trainer Bob Loken who is fighting a battle with cancer but will not let it overcome him.  One of the keys votes implemented was beginning JUNE 1st all NEW and RE-CERTIFICATIONS will now be valid for one year.  If you received a certification prior to June 1st the two year due date will be honored. The Board felt with all of the upcoming scrutiny regarding K9, and matching the other National Organizations, NAPCH will be keeping in standard.   The Board agreed that training is as important as ever, making tough decisions, control and going above minimum standards is a must for all of us.

Also, the Board voted on hosting the Alpena NAPCH Seminar again this year. The dates of the 2021 Seminar will be October 2nd thru October 7th.  The registration for the Seminar will begin on June 1st and further information will be posted.

There are two NAPCH sponsored Regional Training and Decoy Workshops, Oakland Academy and Von der Haus Gill, posted on the NAPCH Facebook page.

Please pay attention to Facebook and the website for further updates.

This Organization will remain strong!  Please stay safe and healthy!!

– Terry Foley (President)