Accelerant Detection Test

This test is to determine the dog’s ability to detect Accelerants. For testing the dog CANNOT miss more than one (1) odor. A miss is more than one (1) incorrect response. It will be up to the Master Trainer’s discretion to determine if the team will retake the entire test, or just the area that the miss occurred. If the team is retested in only one (1) area, no misses will be allowed. This test may be conducted over a two (2) day period.

For the purpose of testing, the term “aid” will be the accelerant odor used.

The team will be tested on six (6) different odors made up of two (2) odors from each division listed. They are:

#2 Fuel OilPaint & Varnish RemoverCharcoal Lighter Fluid
Diesel FuelLacquer ThinnerPaint Thinner
Lamp OilKeroseneNaphtha
Transmission FluidGasolineDry Gas

The testing handler will supply the samples to be used. The Master Trainer will determine which samples will be used for the test.

The maximum amount to be tested shall be ½ cup and the minimum amount will be one (1) drop, to be determined by the Master Trainer. The Master Trainer will determine the amount of odors to be placed in each area from the list of six they have chosen for testing.

Testing will be conducted in a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) of the following areas. The Master Trainer will determine which areas will be used for testing, subject to their availability.

Structure Fire Scene

The Structure Fire Scene size to be tested will be determined by the Master Trainer. The recommended size of the scene should be no smaller than 1200 square feet and no larger than 3000 square feet.

Open Area

The area will be no larger than 50 yards by 50 yards. In the open area, aids should be poured onto the ground, if practical. Recommended areas are; open fields, construction sites or any other open area suitable for placing aids.

Clothing Line Up

Used clothing will be placed in a line. A minimum of five (5) and a maximum of eight (8) articles of clothing will be used.

Vehicle Interior

A minimum of two (2) vehicles will be used with a least one (1) “clean” vehicle in the search area.

The test will be on a pass/fail basis. The Master Trainer will determine if there will be a break between the testing of areas. There will be no time limits on the test as long as the Master Trainer determines that the team is still working. The Master Trainer reserves the right to modify this test, based on environmental conditions. If the test is modified, the Master Trainer will inform the “testing” handler of the changes before the start of the test.

Any urinating/defecating in training or testing area and/or around a “hide” is immediate grounds for failure!

The Accelerant certification will remain in effect for one year as long as a good standing member of NAPCH and the Team remains intact.