President’s Message

June 2022

Hello to my fellow NAPCH members I hope you, your families and K9 partners are doing well!

This has been a long and frustrating haul.  COVID has effected everyone. NAPCH website had issues. However, we are rebounding and moving forward! We hope our lives are getting back to being social, training back to in person work and focusing on giving our citizens the Security they need in this world. Your Executive Board will be meeting soon to get the organization back on track and Alpena Training Seminar in full gear. Please get Awards nominations in so recognition of our Teams can be focussed. Our Legal Attorney represented NAPCH in the 6th Circuit Court with the highest of professionalism and results!

Please pay attention to Facebook and the website for further updates and Alpena registration open.

This Organization will remain strong!  Please stay safe and healthy!!

– Terry Foley (President)