President’s Message

Summer 2017

Hello to my fellow NAPCH members,

Yes summer is in full swing and so are our NAPCH members. Your Executive Board is very busy planning the upcoming 2017 Alpena Training Seminar. There are several Regional Seminars being put on by our membership and check the website for updates. Speaking of websites, how is the new look of the website? We have not scratched the surface on the capability of this site but be patient with us as we strive forward. We are currently working on the site to get the membership names and dues returned for easy viewing. Please keep in contact with us on Facebook also!

The Alpena Seminar dates are Saturday September 30th thru Thursday October 5th this year. The registration for the Seminar is open and you MUST be a NAPCH member to attend. We are encouraging Vendors to take advantage of getting their products out for the attendees.(sign up on the website). Check out the site for updates and your registration status.

I encourage all of our members to please contact your Executive Board or myself if there is a concern or improvement you would like to see done.
Regional Seminars are an excellent way of getting together and sharing training techniques.

There is one thing that disturbs all of us during these hot summer months and that is reading about fellow K9’s that have lost there life in a hot vehicle. Associate members John and Becky Johnston, ACE K9, have developed a system to assist in reading and warning you the vehicle is at a high temperature. But even more important is KEEP THE WINDOWS DOWN so the heat can escape! Yes, it will still be hot but your partner will not lose his/her life.

Again, if there is anything you wish to see in Alpena please let us know. Master Trainers and Trainers please make arrangements to attend the meetings on the Saturday.

Keep your training above a minimum standard and be prepared! Please stay safe!!

– Terry Foley (President)