President’s Message


Hello to my fellow NAPCH members I hope the Holiday’s and Winter kept you and your family safe!

As 202o is moving forward NAPCH continues to grow and be strong. With over 1600 members and the attendance of our annual Alpena Seminar of over 350 working Teams I believe this statement to be true. I have heard statements being made that NAPCH is not recognized as a K9 organization. The only people making these comments are the people that don’t know how strong we are. This organization was made by the membership and continues to be run by the membership. As the Country continues to be a target for our first responders it is imperative that we continue to train at a high level for our citizens that are expecting our assistance in keeping them safe. Our members and Master Trainers are setting up regional Seminars, keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming training. Soon you will be receiving ballots for our candidates that wish to be on the upcoming Executive Board. Please return the ballot ASAP. Please notify our Membership Chairman if there are any updates to your information.  The dates for 2020 Alpena Seminar are Saturday September 26th thru Thursday October 1st with registration opening on June 1st.

I am once again asking all NAPCH members to keep in touch with us either on Facebook, email  or through the website. Also, please update any information that will assist us in getting in contact with you as quite a few addresses and emails are not current.

Finally, this organization is only as good as its members! Please stay involved. Host or participate in a Regional Seminar. If you need assistance please contact me or any other Executive Board member.  Let’s have a safe and productive 2020!

Keep your training above a minimum standard and stay prepared!

– Terry Foley (President)