Alpena 2021 Trainer Discount Online Registration Payments

NOTE: This Alpena 2021 registration form is for Registered NAPCH Trainers only. If you are not registering a Trainer, please use this form instead.

To pay for your Alpena 2021 Registration (including Trainer Discount) using a Debit or Credit card, use the form below (you do not require a PayPal account). The process is similar to the Online Membership Dues payment.

    • Please place one or more Trainer names in the below text box, and select the number of people you are intending to pay the Registration Fee for during the checkout process (e.g. if you are paying for one person, choose “1” as quantity; if you are paying Registration Fees for five listed trainers, choose “5”).
      Please note that all members submitted through this form have to qualify for the Trainer discount!
    • You do not need to create a Paypal account to pay for your Alpena Registration(s);
      after entering all pertinent member names and clicking the yellow “Pay Now” button below, select the grey “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” option:
    • The Registration Fee will be billed once at $200.00 per Trainer (at a $200 discount).
    • You receive a confirmation receipt via email after completing the checkout process.

Member(s) you are paying the Discounted Alpena 2018 Registration Fees for:

(Please separate multiple names with a comma, e.g. “Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, Charlie Watts”)
Note: All members listed here must qualify for the Trainer discount!